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Item Name: .Hack Roots Azure Flame Kite Cosplay Shoes
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.Hack Roots Azure Flame Kite Cosplay Shoes Azure Flame Kite Cosplay Shoes
Full Set  
Items Including:
  • 1. A Pair of Azure Flame Kite Shoes
Unit Price : 89 US Dollar
     (3-5 Days, UPS/EMS Shipping Price is included)

Shoe Size:

Shipping Insurance : 5 US Dollar

Standard and Customized Size:
     For customized size, please email measurements to with your papal email account name, costume name, shipping address and phone number (Optional). Please scroll down to check the standard size measurements and customized size requirements. Once we have received your measurements, we will email you to confirm your order. If you don't receive the confirmation email, please keep email us or message us from eBay until you have received the confirmation email. Also, please check your email often. Just in case, we may have some question about your measurements or size.
Due Date:
     Pre-manufactured Shoes can ship out within 5 days. If we have sold out the Pre-manufactured Props, it's going to take 2-4 weeks to make a new pair of shoes. If you have a due date or convention date, please include the date with your order. This way will help us to arrange the orders.
Shipping Insurance:
     Insurance is optional but highly recommended. We will not be responsible for lost or damaged items without the insurance. You must add the shipping insurance with your order at same time; else you will be charged a shipping fee.
Free Shipping Charge for Accessories:
     With the full Set or basic Set, you can order up to three (3) accessories without extra shipping charge.
     You must order at same time with the prop; else you will be charged a shipping fee for your accessories.
Shipping & Handling:
     3-5 days EMS or UPS shipping from China to USA, Canada, Western Europe and Australia.
     For Airmail Shipping, it's going to take 14-28 days from China to worldwide.
     Item can be shipped to worldwide, please contact us for the price.
     It doesn't include duty tax (import tax), inspection fee and forward fee, if there is any.
Customized Size (Click here for Shoe Size Help)
      Please email the following measurements with your paypal email account name, costume name, shipping address and phone number (Optional).
Foot Length 
Foot Width 
Ankle Circumference 
Calf Circumference
Measure around the largest part of lower leg.
Heel Circumference
Measure around your heel at the point where the ankle bends at the leg.
Shoe Size: (Click here for Shoe Size Help)

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